A ship will be built. It will be a ship in the frigate to cruiser-size range. The purpose of this ship is to harvest and process corpses found floating in space.

Corpses harvest from the depths of space still retain SP. This SP can be harvested using the right equipment. The ship will be able to compress corpses and apply a catalyst to the corpse which will serve as an agent that helps with diluting frozen body fluids such that SP can be harvested. The harvested SP will be stored into Skill Injectors that can be sold on the open New Eden market.

The catalyst will be a product of planetary interaction, say: Nanites, which will control the process and produce harvestable SP as a byproduct of the reaction. This serves the purpose of increasing the value of generating products from planetary interaction, thereby deepening player immersion and further anchoring the value chain in the New Eden economy.

As ever there has to be a risk to the reward. The reward is free SP from harvested corpses, the risk is traveling the space lanes of New Eden with Skill Injectors in the hold, a process that one is not expected to survive for any length of time.

The remainder of the corpse, now no longer fit for any other purpose will be turned into a kind of mulch that will be compressed into ammunition for carnival launchers. This way no valuable resources are squandered and the entire corpse is repurposed.


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Abulurd Boniface

Abulurd Boniface

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