A structure will be built. This is a mausoleum, a monument to our fallen brothers and sisters. The friendly geniuses in fair and far Reykjavik will find the proper expression of that idea. It will ideally provide for a couple of animated ways to salute a portrait of our fallen comrades.

New Eden should not be about 'safe space'. However, this is a place of reflection, it provides a space to contemplate our beloved friends, our respected enemies of yore whom we had the pleasure of flying with, whom we had the joy of fighting with in New Eden's open skies.

As a nod to the idea of risk versus reward, the place could be in a more difficult to access location, say: the original EVE Gate, such that the way towards it would be perilous, with a chance to salute our fallen friends in peace the reward for making the journey.

It is a way to increase immersion, it makes EVE that much more real, it anchors New Eden as the third place it has become in our lives. It is the last safe haven for the lost souls who are out of reach of the cynosaural field to guide them home. It is only fitting and proper that this place should be built.

To all our friends whom we have lost through the years: fly safe always.



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Abulurd Boniface

Abulurd Boniface

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