Wormhole space will acquire faint whispers of... a presence.

This is actually a manifestation of 'Bob', the wormhole god.

These manifestations are random emanations from the void. They are there for aesthetical reasons only, to deepen immersion. To make a more intimate bond between the minds of the creators and the people who enjoy the creation.

  • There may be a ghost of a cloud hugging asteroids while someone is mining close by.

  • There may be a momentary sparkling of a hull as Bob passes by.

  • Sleeper structures may briefly acquire a halo as Bob's breath washes over them.

  • In the centre of 'floating Stonehenge' formations a short, intense blast of light may mark Bob's blessing.

  • Across the nebulae in the far distance a comet's tail may traverse the sky.

There are very many and diverse forms these mirages could take. The beautiful minds in fair and far Reykjavik would know how to express that.

There is no benefit from this, it doesn't happen all that often, if you blink you've missed it, but when you see it, you might experience a flash of merriment, a moment's joy, rapturous delight for the kiss of love that is being alive in EVE's garden of New Eden.

The genius in the sound studio would find a way to expand the gorgeous EVE soundscape to provide an auditory component to these events. Slight, subtle, superior.


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Abulurd Boniface

Abulurd Boniface

I fly around in space ships.