A structure will be created, it will allow pilots to navigate the wonderful screenshots that have been taken throughout the years, from the comfort of their own space ship.

It could be a museum that acts like a Captain's Quarters where more than one person could be present. No shenanigans of any kind would be allowed, it would just be too much temptation. EVE pilots cannot resist temptation.

It might be a deadspace pocket, or several, where a 'hanging garden' of pictures is displayed. Much like the iconic titan in Luminaire was a tourist attraction, so would this / these place[s] be a centre of attraction for anyone who is interested in the living history of the work of art we help create every day.

Screen shots can be displayed as screen-filling artistic splendour. At that time the interface is hidden from view so as to allow the visitor to engross themselves in the mesmerising beauty of the greater New Eden demesne. CCP has the quality of people to make that expression look beguilingly beautiful, there is no doubt people would flock to it just to admire the thrill and beauty of all that came before.

The location[s] where the museum[s] are located are not safe space. There is no safe space. It is EVE Online, it is not My Friendly Pony Land.


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Abulurd Boniface

Abulurd Boniface

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