A new ship will be constructed. This ship is frigate / cruiser-sized and holds stasis containment pods [6 to 8]. It will be called Obolus or Danake, after the coin paid to Charon for the trip to the afterlife across the river Styx.

The containment pods hold corpses harvested from space.

The corpses are sold by means of a market system to the Drifters or their faction. The Drifters use the corpses for their own purposes.

Incidental implants found on the corpses are recuperated intact because the Drifters cannot use them and return them as unwanted spoil. It is important to understand that only the Drifters can remove the implants from corpses.

Because the Drifters are a new factor in the sandbox, it stands to reason capsuleers will want to explore opportunities to interact with this new faction. Drifters are known to harvest corpses they repurpose for their own ends. Capsuleers want an opportunity to explore an emerging market for a new kind of commodity.


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Abulurd Boniface

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